New accommodation: Zwemcentrum Rotterdam

The new Ranomi Kromowidjojo will soon be from Rotterdam. With Zwemcentrum Rotterdam we offer competition swimmers the opportunity to train in an olympic sized swimming pool.

New in Rotterdam

The construction of the new Zwemcentrum Rotterdam on the Gooilandsingel is almost complete. The new pool consists of two basins: a 50-meter competition pool and a 25-meter target pool. The baths with movable bottoms can be used separately and are separated by a fixed partition.

Eyecatcher of the swimming center is the 50-meter pool, a first in Rotterdam. With the first 50-meter pool a wish of the city is fulfilled! Sporting Rotterdam will receive an accommodation that meets the requirements of our time. The bath offers opportunities for events at an international level. Water polo and swimming clubs can now participate at top level. Nice detail: there is a large stand where 350 spectators can encourage their team!

Supporting new talent

"Swimming pool Charlois was technically worn," says team manager Marcel van der Meer. "Then you can choose to rebuild the same pool. But we have just looked at the need in the city. Since the nineties we have not had a 50-meter pool, which was a loss for competition swimmers. They can now train in Rotterdam again and at the same time we aim to breed new swimming talent. That is the beauty of swimming: every child in Rotterdam comes into contact with it through school swimming.

Meanwhile there are several swimming clubs active that interest children to continue in that sport. We facilitate this with our swimming pools.

"Everyone should feel at home in the swimmingpool."

A swimming pool of this level (only the Pieter van den Hoogenband swimming stadium has a comparable bath and more tribune capacity) will certainly attract large events. "We are already in discussion with the KNZB about World League matches and Swimcups in our Swimming Center and there are initiatives to get the World Police and Fire Games here."